Training on IOTA at CSM (01-05 July 2019)

Dear all,

Please be informed that Cryptography Development Department will organize a training on IOTA Technology this coming July.

The main objective of this training is to understand the theoretical and technical foundations of IOTA Technology, including generating IOTA mobile wallet, transferring IOTA token, compile and run IOTA nodes, learn how transactions are picked by IOTA nodes, create our own Tangle or Side Tangle and how to maximize the network efficiency. This training is aimed to fill the missing knowledge on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and to understand how IOTA differs with regular Blockchain technology. The training outline and trainers’ profile is attached for your perusal.

The details of the training as below:

Title                      : IOTA Training

Date                     : 1st – 5th July 2019

Time                     : 9am – 5pm

Venue                  : Training Room 1,

                                Menara Cyber Axis,

                                Jalan Impact,

                                63000 Cyberjaya,


Trainers               : 1. Jelle Millenaar

  1. Albert Nap

Training fee        : RM 4,500.00/pax (Discounted from RM9,300/pax)

As space is very limited, your confirmation of attendance will be greatly appreciated. Please do so via email to Mrs. Faridatul Akhma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 25th June 2019.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Faridatul Akhma Ishak

Executive, Cryptography Development Department

Cyber Security Proactive Services Division


CyberSecurity Malaysia

An Agency Under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia

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Fax : +603 8008 7000

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IOTA Training
DLT Fundamentals
The first day will be spent by getting to know each other and bringing everyone to the
same level in regard to Blockchain and DLT knowledge.
Getting to know each other, interactive exploring knowledge of the attendees.
Blockchain and IOTA Fundamentals
We will fill in the missing knowledge of the attendees and explain how IOTA differs
with regular Blockchain technology.
Theory of DAG structure
How does a DAG work and how does it look like with IOTA.
Consensus in IOTA
How does IOTA achieve consensus in a DAG and how will this look like in the future?
Consensus in IOTA is not a given and needs to be programmed in, we will explore how
promoting and reattaching works.
DAY 2 IOTA Nodes
IOTA networks and API
IOTA has multiple networks that can be used for development and production. We will
discuss when to use which and how they differ. We will also look at the API.
Tip Selection & Snapshotting
As a continuation of Consensus in IOTA, we will explore how transactions are picked by
the IOTA nodes to be references and how we can maximize the networks efficiency. IOTA
also keeps its ledger small through snapshotting. This has many upsides for IoT, but also
downsides for use cases. We will explore ways to deal with that.
Running Trinity & IOTA Nodes
Run the IOTA wallet on our phones and send IOTA tokens across the room. We will also
compile and run our own IOTA nodes.
Programming transactions
Program transactions, either value or 0-value transactions using the node API.


DAY 3 Data Transactions
Masked Authenticated Messaging Deepdive
How does MAM work and what can we do with it.
Immutability of data
What does it mean if IOTA creates immutable data in our designs. This begs the question
of why and how we should and shouldn’t use IOTA in the IoT landscape.
MAM practical
Putting live sensor data on IOTA through MAM transactions and reading the values.
DAY 4 Building for IoT
Limitations of IOTA
IOTA is made for IoT, but is still in development. What can and can’t we do with IOTA in
it’s current state.
Side and Private Tangles
Creating our own Tangle or Side Tangle, how and why?
Flash Channels
Theoretical explanation of the money streaming API called Flash Channels for streaming
services. We might also do a practical on Flash Channels.
DAY 5 Future of IOTA
What is the ICT network and how will it impact the future of your applications.
Economic Clustering
Scaling IoT applications
Smart contracts and outsourcing computations in IoT.
IOTA for CyberSecurity Malaysia
Total 5 Days