About Us

IEXPLOTECH began its business operation under IREKASOFT since 2014. Previously, the research and product development were shipped under IREKASOFT. IREKASOFT provides various Information Technology (IT) solutions such as mobile application development using Android and IOS platforms. Due to an expansion of business scopes and operations, IEXPLOTECH has emerged to tackle the latest research and development projects for blockchain and IoT technologies. In 2017, IEXPLOTECH begins to operate independently from IREKASOFT. This allows both organizations to focus on each other core business. Right now, IREKASOFT is helping IEXPLOTECH to market local research product and technology to JAPAN.

IEXPLOTECH operates at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam for research and product development. This company is not part of UITM holding, but the office and laboratory are provided by the collaboration with Information Security and Trusted Infrastructure Laboratory (InSTIL) at UITM Shah Alam. Some InSTIL members and postgrad students are employed by IEXPLOTECH for the joint venture. OneGate company is a business partner for product marketing and business payment gateway.

The company has been formed by a group of professionals having vivid experience and wide exposure in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. People involved here are qualified graduates of a bachelor degree, master, and PhD. Some of PhD holders having Ingenieur (Ir) registered under the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM) and also Board of Technologies Malaysia (BTM).

Our Mission is to market the outputs/products from research and development from local universities to Malaysian and foreign industries.

Our Vision is to support the nation by helping Malaysian’s researchers and developers to push local technologies to the market. This will tighten the gap between local universities and industries going to global business. Our forward vision is to become an ally to industries that need assistance in deploying blockchain and IoT technologies in their organizations.

 Core Members

Dr. Mohd Anuar Mat Isa
PhD in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Computer Science
Roles: Founder IEXPLOTECH, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Training Instructor
Specialization: Blockchain, Smart Contract, IoT, Cryptography, Formal Methods, Prototype Development, Embedded System
Affiliation:  Community Member of Malaysian Society for Cryptology Research (MSCR) (2019-2020)


Professor Dr. Ramlan Mahmod
PhD in Artificial Intelligence
Roles: Strategic Technology Advisor, Training Advisor
Specialization: Machine Learning, Blockchain, Smart Contract, Information Security, Cryptography, Formal Methods
Affiliation:  President of Malaysian Society for Cryptology Research (MSCR) (2019-2020) & Retired Professor from Universiti Putra Malaysia